Welcome to The Pigs

Pub - Hotel - Spa

The Pigs is nestled away in the north Norfolk countryside, just a short drive away from Holt. Since 2006 The Pigs has been the champion of traditional British pub food, but The Pigs isn't just about the food. The Pigs has luxury spa accommodation and is home to PigSpa, a spa for our residents and non-residents to enjoy that offers heavenly massages, facials and spa experiences.

The Pigs kitchen offers a tasty seasonal menu alongside the classic Pigs menu- less common cuts of meat served up in innovative and mouthwatering ways, tasty iffits (Norfolk's answer to tapas), and divine puddings that promise to keep you sweet! Every Sunday, the pig event, we serve up a proper roast dinner with all the trimmings for dinner. Our ingredients are always fresh and as local as possible, and besides lunch and dinner, we also serve a fifteen-mile breakfast every morning, to enjoy standalone or as a part of our Sunrise Spa experience.

When you enter one of our rooms, you'll feel like a pig in muck (in a good way). We have eighteen luxury rooms available, each with its own private courtyard and firepit and in-spa room facilities including a bath big enough for two people, a drench shower, sauna and steam room. Some rooms even come with a hot tub. Choose from a Spa Room or Spa Suite, and enjoy the ultimate escape from the stresses of every day life. We even have family and dog-friendly rooms available, so no one has to be left behind.

Our dedicated team will ensure that your time at The Pigs is second to none. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant, hotel and spa.

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