We're Family Friendly

Why should the little ones miss out on all the fun?

There’s a good reason why we are one of the most popular pubs in Norfolk for children: we have a special menu for piglets, an indoor and outdoor play area and family rooms available in our hotel!

Our piggleplay area is ideal in those sunny afternoons when adults just want to put their feet up and enjoy a cold drink in the sun. Piggleplay was designed by the creators of the wonderful local tree-house family attraction, BeWILDerwood. It features slippy slides, a tree house, zip wire, climbing wall, maze, obstacle course and a den. You will find it very hard not to join in- trust us

For the days when the weather isn't at its best or in those winter months, take piglets into the indoor play area to play with lego, the brio train track, cars, mini- kitchen (sadly not our actual kitchen...), books and chalk boards! For adults and children we have a pool table, football table and our very own shuffle board.

As if that's not enough, the food’s not bad either! We serve proper children’s food (with good options on the vegetable side of things) and have a family friendly dining area. In addition there is colouring on back of menus and various board games about to keep children of all ages happy.

Want to stay longer? Our family room accommodates up to 4 people, and it happens to have a hot tub, too...